I Spy With My Mind’s Eye…

I made this I-Spy bag for my soon-to-be four-year-old, with a supply kit I purchased from thosegreathousewomen on Etsy. He adores anything from Walter Wick, including of course the I Spy books. He can’t get enough of seek and finds, so I really hope that he loves this bag, too.

Jaime of thosegreathousewomen maintains a really great blog too, and kindly featured the bag I made from her supplies!

Now, if only I was as good at frosting a cake as I am sewing up a toy….


Etsy Front Page!

Etsy Front Page 8/23/08 hollyhockspocket

Originally uploaded by Etsy Front Pagers

Wow! I was alerted by willo (upper left hand corner) that this made Etsy’s Front Page this morning! Sweet!

Thank you to Etsy Front Pagers for grabbing the screenshot! Here are the usernames of the Etsians in the treasury, left to right & top to bottom:













Having Had Enough of Enough…

Wednesday I realized that I’d had enough of the mess my crafting supplies are in. I moved everything into the basement, so I have room for everything now. I just don’t put stuff back. On top of that, I love to organize my stuff over and over, because everytime I repack a box I’ll find some remnant I’ve forgotten about and it’s like I’ve found an old friend. “I remember what I was going to do with you,” I think to myself fondly. I am my own enabler.

And I have so much stuff. I’m a remnant junkie, a paper hoarder, a ruler fiend, and don’t even ask me about pens, index cards, Sharpies, Jell-O boxes, or Mrs. Cake. After the third paperslide and losing about two hours (fine minutes at a time over the course of the day, naturally,) trying to find my good scissors, I’d had enough of my plenty. I thought of the scene from Labyrinth, where Sarah meets the junkyard crones, who pile all of her belongings on her back. “Oh, you must have your bear, dearie, must have your bear! You loves bear!”

I didn’t get rid of anything, but figuratively speaking I got it all off my back and into the bins where it all belongs.

Now, on to the next project.

The TooMommies Story

The Etsy Handmade Kids challenge gave me the push I needed to finally make and list a TooMommi toy in my store! I’m so excited I’ve actually made several of these and plan to list them over the course of the next week or two. Finally, I have something in the “Kids” section in my store, too. Damn, I owe myself a sweetie pop!

This was a toy that my own little one asked for about two months ago. He hasn’t nursed since this past Christmas, but once preschool was out and he was a little at loose ends, he asked if he could have “two-mommies” again. When I explained that there was no more milk in the two-mommies, he just cried. He was disconsolate all day, and I asked him what might help him fell better. He said that gummi bears and a “two-mommies” toy would make him feel much better. He asks for custom toys all the time– one of the latest was a StarScream transformer made out of yarn that could shoot real sparks out when it flew. This “two-mommies” toy had a set of specs just about as exacting as that.

Over a small bowl of gummi bears and a glass of that other milk, we got to work. I envisioned a ball with a little areola hat, like a Milk-chan, but my initial sketches were rejected. “That’s not the right shape,” I was told. I drew a little figure with a sort of a mushroom hat. Nope. Categorically incorrect. Complete wrong direction. “It needs to be shaped like a two-mommy,” my little one told me exasperatedly. Gosh, Mom, they’re yours, don’t you know what they look like?

After a couple of days, I figured it out, and drew a little tear-drop with a nipple on it. Bingo. The ball-shape was a little optimistic anyway, even before all that breastfeeding business. As it turns out, that tear-drop shape with some sort of contrast in the center was what was most important to him. I’ve made one that’s peacock blue with a brown paisley shape in the center, and he pronounced that that one is the best so far. After all, a great many teddy bears really bear very little resemblance to a real bear anymore, but we all seem to know that it’s definitely ursine.

So whether or not I win the contest isn’t as important as the look on my little one’s face when he realized that this idea that was so important to him, a toy to help him remember his two-mommies, was also important enough to his one-mommy for her to make a whole bunch of them, and let him pick which one to put on the computer. He liked the cow– it looked friendly.

Hot Pockets?

I’ve just listed the last of my five “Bennet Girls” FauxPockets. Ironically, the item that actually sold the other day¬† in my shop was a (lovely) granny square bag I made four or five years ago. I should, therefore, probably make more of these, yet I’m still dreaming & scheming about these durn pockets….


This is a screenshot of a treasury I have right now in West. I’m so in love with these pieces, I’m afraid I’m going to have to purchase at least one… but which?!?

The listing IDs of these items are (pending…)

Pop goes another cherry….

I had my first sale today while one of my items was on the front page! I was so stunned that I just paced around the room for a bit. Just a bit. I had things to do, after all.

Imagine my surprise

when I ran to the computer to wait on Treasury West to open… and saw one of my items on the front page! I didn’t even realize I was in a treasury– I’ve always liked her treasuries but now spongetta is my hero!

Seriously Addicted to Treasury

Not only do I easily spend lots and lots of time looking at treasuries, I’ve developed a serious addiction to Poster Sketch, the Etsy tool that allows you to create your treasury while you while away the hours waiting for one to open.

The problem is, I figured out how to print/screenshot my poster sketches with the listing IDs visible. (Just hit “edit” in all the listing ID spaces after you’re satisfied with your virtual treasury, then right-click on any thumbnail and select “print” or hit Print Screen and paste to your favorite photo-editing program.)

So now I have several treasuries in queue, so to speak, ready to be selected at a moment’s notice and shared with the world at 3:58 am when the 333rd/222nd list expires….

Where Do Snappy Comebacks Go When They Die?

Yesterday I bought a new yoga book and a 12 oz bag of M&Ms. Together. And some skim milk, too, but it was basically just those two items.

I had a clever remark prepared for when the cashier mentioned the dichotomy. You know, she would ask something like was I going to do the yoga before or after I inhaled the bag of candy. And I’d say something along the lines of, “Oh, the yoga book is a gift,” while laughing breezily.

But she didn’t even look at my stuff while she was ringing it up– she was flirting with my three-year-old.

Which was perfectly fine because I’m bad at breezy laughter and would have come across as being slightly maniacal.

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